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10 Aug

Although there is as such no competition in online world of Pakistan real estate but the challenge to be of service to the avid yet reluctant audience of the country still prevails. Being relatively new to ecommerce and online information world, many people in Pakistan are prone to doubt the authenticity of the information and services available online. However, Zameen has fostered great faith among the limited yet highly internet savvy class interested in Pakistan real estate. We are on quest to get more people on board and there is an entire team of specialist working on that. We have been able to do that with our well-defined set of services and by offering intelligent solutions to modern property dealing needs.

Zameen is not just a domain containing listings of real estate agents and property available for rent and sale. Our range of services include tools that help you save time browsing our very huge database of residential, commercial and agriculture land for sale, purchase and rentals. Other than that, the portal also features news related to every aspect of Pakistan real estate, construction and housing section, taxation, laws and mortgages as well as infrastructural development. We also operate blog for our users who get expert view of different matters concerning property dealing in Pakistan.

For quicker results and better visibility, the members can buy space in the Featured Homes and Featured Agents section. Other than that, you can always post buying, selling, and wanted leads in the relevant sections and instead of going out to the prospect buyers and sellers, make them come to you.

Zameen is perhaps the only real estate portal of Pakistan that offers an interactive forum for the members and allows them to reach the real estate experts and agents and seek their advice about different housing projects free of cost. For many members registered at Zameen, the best part of being a Zameen member is that there is no joining or membership fee as of July 2012 for availing the wide range of highly defined services pertaining to different aspects of Pakistan real estate market.


Real Estate Awareness in Pakistan is because of

30 Apr

Zameen has done what no other portal could foresee. The domain has stepped in to the online real estate world and instantly became the top real estate platform that covers properties from all over Pakistan. Since we are in the initial phase of our development, the Zameen team is taking its time to give a boost to otherwise stagnant real estate industry of the country. It is apparently believed that real estate investors buyer s and sellers in Pakistan are not learned enough about the market’s actual condition and actual worth of different real estate properties. Zameen is sincere in making them more informed about the market so that they not only make a confident move but help build the confidence of other people.

The portal features commercial and residential plots, finished home, offices, apartments, agricultural land and property for rent. You can post your property for sale in the related sections for free as well as let the sellers know what you are looking for through the Wanted section. The investors can look at the current listings of available properties without paying a dime. Zameen also features real estate agents and companies. All of these services are free for the members and non members. Please note that Zameen is soon to experience a transformation and offer more practical solutions for closing in property buying and selling deals for its members and listed agents.

We also offer experts’ opinion through our Forum where everyone is welcome to post their queries and get the inside information about different housing societies, their status and future prospects. If you are not the member yet, you are welcome to become Zameen’s member. In case you need more information about Zameen or need to talk to one of our representatives, you should visit us at – Largest Pakistan Property Portal

4 Jan

The known and learned property agents in Pakistan are familiar with the online real estate portals and are of the view that is the best of them. I know this because one of my friends recommended me to consult this website for the accurate information on properties in Pakistan. Be it some new housing project or infrastructural development, is the website, which updates me. The services offered here are not limited to news update and blogs; I get to reach thousands of potential buyers spread around the globe.

I have listed property several time on Zameen and found very good offers on them. This is all a property dealer can expect from paid services of a portal as good as this one. I also enjoy benefits of posting free ads and banners at the same time get email alerts on property buying and selling leads. The reason why i rely so much on for my property dealing business is that this website gets the highest and highly targeted traffic from Pakistani buyers and sellers located all around the globe. There are more than 125,000 members registered currently at Zameen and more than 2000 of them are active and reputed real estate agent of the country.

For the new users, availing premium services of is very easy, they can either browse the website or give their customer support department a call. The trend of availing paid services of certain website, no matter how known and professional they are, is not that common in Pakistan. This helpline help people understand that is not a company that hangs in the thin air but is an entity run and maintained by experts from real estate sector of Pakistan and also the IT experts. You too can benefit from the website and get your share from the flourishing real estate market of Pakistan.